I ROOTED MY PHONE! Now what?!?!?

Rooting your phone is something that many people hear about in a positive manor but are very hesitant to try themselves. There are the obvious things that people shy away from like voiding your warranty. Still if you have an older phone out of warranty and you want to give it a try it’s a fairly easy process to complete.

  1. Find forum for your phone
  2. Install software suggested by forum
  3. Root phone
  4. Go nuts!

Sure that’s the oversimplified version but once you find a good forum (like rootzwiki or xda developers¬†for android users) it’s fairly easy to do with little effort.

From there here are some of the fun things you can do:

  1. Anything you want with the phone since you can grant “root” access to the device
  2. Remove bloatware apps that come on your phone and are ALWAYS RUNNING but you never seem to use them!
  3. Upgrade your phone to newer/faster software. Just avoid the unstable ROMs if you don’t want to deal with reloading.

Here are some other easy quick steps I suggest if you’re going to make a software change on your phone:

  1. Backup your contacts to your google account (See my previous article)
  2. Root your device with the current software
  3. Install Titanium Backup and run a batch backup of your System Apps & Data
  4. Flash the new software on your phone following the steps in the forum post you find the software
  5. Install Titanium Backup and run a batch reload of your System Apps & Data
  6. Enjoy!