Laptop 101: How to find a new laptop!

Hey again, just updating my laptop article to get it up to August 2018 standards.

Laptops 2018

People ask me all the time what to look for in a new laptop. There’s one really simple way to go about purchasing a new Windows 10 laptop for home/business/whatever use.

  1. Drive on down to your local big box retailer (Best Buy, Office xxxx, Staples, Wal*, Whatever) and walk around and look at/touch all the various models keyboards.
  2. Try them all, find the brands and models you like best.
  3. Determine what screen size you need.
  4. Go online to Amazon, Newegg or hit some deals sites like Woot, Slickdeals, etc…
  5. Buy one online, skip the tax, and get it cheaper than stores.

Current hardware requirements for a laptop

  • Screen Resolution: Must be 1920×1080 – If you go higher, that’s fine but make sure you like the feel of a 2k+ resolution laptop first. DON’T EVER GO LOWER THAN 1920×1080.
  • Processor: i5 is fine for almost everyone. i7 if you’re editing video. i3 is fine if you only plan on using a web browser and Microsoft Office.
  • Ram – 8GB, don’t really need more, don’t get less or you’ll have a bad time.

How do I get my old files over to the new laptop?

Transferring files via USB is a thing of the past. Set up a Microsoft Account on it, use OneDrive to transfer files.

Also if you don’t know what to transfer and something doesn’t get transferred that’s on you buddy.

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