Crypto Pro Tip #1: Getting started as cheap as possible = Profiting!

Hello everybody, today I’ve got a quick blurb that I get asked a lot. How do I get into Alt Coins/Crypto without spending a ton of cash on fees. The cheapest way is a bit slow as you’ll have to wait for a bank transfer to Coinbase but after that here’s how you can quickly convert it into coins and transfer it to Binance.

To get started in alt coins the cheapest way possible follow this list:

  1. Use a Bank Transfer to deposit US Dollars on Coinbase (May take up to 10 days)
  2. Once the deposit is completed, go to their exchange site and sign in using your Coinbase account credentials
  3. Go to your wallet on gdax and “deposit” your cash from Coinbase, should be free
  4. Go to the market on gdax and do a buy Litecoin or Ethereum, gdax fee may apply
  5. Transfer LTC or ETH to Binance
  6. Buy some BNB coin to cover fees first! Always keep BNB in your wallet for a 50% reduction in fees
  7. If you sent LTC to Binance, sell the LTC to BTC and you’re ready to go


Coins i’m holding 1/25/18:

  • BTC – Bitcoin
  • BCN – Bytecoin
  • BNB – Binance Coin
  • RDD – Reddcoin
  • XVG – Verge


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